Our Mission Statement

Moto Hope Mission reaches out to empower and improve the lives of young people and women in Kenya, through education and entrepreneurship.

Our Goals

  • To be the vessel that delivers the many underprivileged youth and women from the vicious cycle of poverty and enable them to attain their optimal potential.
  • To reach out to self-help groups, and demonstrate to them by use of workable models that their individual aspirations and dreams are within their reach.
  • To empower by training, coaching and guiding them in their personal decision making for the future.


  • To establish an Academy School for Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • To establish a community health clinic.
  • To establish a micro lending program that will offer cheap financing services to youths, entrepreneurs, women and medium and small scale enterprises (SMEs)
  • To set up an agricultural demonstration center to serve the rural communities of farmers.
  • To support the Befriender program for underprivileged children by providing them access to better primary education.
  • To provide  to the youth and women with sufficient levels of literacy and skills of life, job and business so as to lift them out of poverty through training and utilization of a community library center.
  • To build solidarity and interaction between people of diverse nations so that they can learn from each other.

Our Greatest Needs

  • Your prayers and financial support of this mission are always needed and valued.
  • Establishment of Moto Hope Endowment fund for our programs' sustainability in the next 5 years.

News and Events

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    Feb '18

    First Term 2018 Tree Planting

    Tre posterIn line with our environmental conservation goals, we have a tree planting session on 21/04/2018 at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy, Kenya.

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    Feb '18

    First Term Mentorship 2018

    mentorship3Our children at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy have their mentorship days scheduled for:

    1. 10/03/2018 For Grades 6, 7 & 8.

    2. 20th - 22nd April 2018 For 2015,2016,2017 Alumni, and Grades 7 & 8.

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    Feb '18

    "Once upon a time..." with Verarita

    Once upon a time

    The next "Once Upon a time..." with Verarita session will be on 31/03/2018. At St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy, Kenya.

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    May '17

    Friends of Moto Hope Event

    September 7, 2017 Sacred Heart Church- Hackensack

    September 14,2017 Immaculate Heart of Mary-Crosslake

    Updates of progress will be shared.

    **Mark your Calendar and hope to see you there.

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