"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

We believe in the importance of good performance and impact assessment. Moto Hope Mission (MHM) as well as its sister organization Moto Education Link (MED), is in its 7th year of operation. Our vision remains to be the alleviation of poverty. Education and Empowerment are the main tools that we engage to deliver these underdeveloped urban and rural communities from the claws poverty. We give them a "hands up" to enable them to create impactful environments for the betterment of their living conditions and standards.

To accomplish this vision our students must do well at every stage of their studies.

First Stage: Excelling in the Eighth-grade Exam.

Kenya’s school system is heavily influenced by its colonial past and loosely mirrors the British system. The first hurdle is the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam. It is a 500-point exam administered every November to eighth grade students. On average, our students have out-scored the Kenyan average score every year since our first primary school students sat the exam as shown in our impact page.

Second stage: Getting into a good High (Secondary) school.

The scores on the KCPE exam determine whether or not a grade eight graduate in Kenya will transition to High school and which High school will accept them. MHM-Academy students have consistently surpassed the Kenyan high school entry average every year. As shown on our impact page, 100% of our students transitioned to high school in the first two years of taking the national exams.

Moreover, our students have gained entry to the best performing schools of their choice as the scores continue to improve. In 2015-16, 32 of our students were admitted to National level high schools; the most competitive and prestigious in Kenya.

Third Stage: Mentoring our High-schoolers.

Our goal and ultimate desire is to see our students perform well in the 12th grade (form 4) KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary School) Exams so that they can transition to the next level of their studies. It is in this spirit that we regularly follow up and monitor their high school progress through our Mentorship program. It is highly commendable that our students continue to maintain above average performance in their respective high schools.

Fourth Stage: Proceeding to post-secondary studies.

It is our hope that after high school, our students will join the University or the 2 year community colleges for further studies to pursue degree or diploma courses. The students who are unable to attain the university or college entry points can join the trade or technical schools in the country. Through our micro-lending program we intend to help any such students in need of financial assistance to enable them to join these technical schools, to gain skills such as hair dressing, catering, and mechanics. Kenya's university programs are limited to a relatively small percentage of high school graduates, lower than in the U.S. We seek to provide our students with the necessary competitive edge early enough so that they can be among the top cream of the society.

Final Stage: Completing post-secondary studies and getting jobs!

We seek to see our students successfully complete their post secondary education and be marketable in the ever crowded job market. By securing jobs or using their acquired skills to employ themselves, they will be in a position to be productive members of the society and eventually meet and accomplish our vision; alleviating poverty. The spirit of community service that we instill in them from the very tender age of Pre-school will ensure that they give back to their community by giving ‘a hands up instead of hand-outs”. It is our firm belief that this is the surest way to break the over-dependency syndrome and vicious cycle of poverty.



With the massive transformation and trends in the education sector, it is imperative that we give our students the upper hand and higher competing ground. It is an open secret that the world we live in is now largely digital. To ensure that our students fit into our dynamic world perfectly, we have introduced computer classes. They are taught basic computer skills, typing and how to use the library system. All our efforts are aimed at making our pupils knowledgeable and unique.



Moto Hope Library opened its doors of knowledge in 2014. It is within the school compound hence easily accessible by the pupils.The library, aside from being ultra-modern, is spacious enough to accommodate more than a hundred pupils at a go. We have library and maktaba lessons scheduled in the regular school timetable. Moreover, the pupils are able to access the library any other times for research and leisure reading.The library is also open to staff members who access and borrow books and other resources by use of a registered card.

  • Books and Resources
    Based on the main classes of knowledge we have classified all the books using the decimal method. Besides the relevant coursebooks, we have stocked all genres of books ranging from computer and technology,religion,science,leisure reading,sports,business among others.
  • Community Extension
    Plans are afoot to extend and open our resources and services to the community around. Any registered library user from the neighboring community who has a library card and complies with the rules of the school can gain access to the library.This extension program is mainly intended to benefit the students from neighboring schools who have no library.
  • Koha Library System
    Ours is an ultramodern library with all its resources and books catalogued in the automated Koha system. This makes it easier to search for and locate books on the shelves. Additionally, it makes it possible to link our library with other library congress and share resources.

Read and Learn; Learning is an Adventure


News and Events

  • 23
    Feb '18

    First Term 2018 Tree Planting

    Tre posterIn line with our environmental conservation goals, we have a tree planting session on 21/04/2018 at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy, Kenya.

  • 23
    Feb '18

    First Term Mentorship 2018

    mentorship3Our children at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy have their mentorship days scheduled for:

    1. 10/03/2018 For Grades 6, 7 & 8.

    2. 20th - 22nd April 2018 For 2015,2016,2017 Alumni, and Grades 7 & 8.

  • 23
    Feb '18

    "Once upon a time..." with Verarita

    Once upon a time

    The next "Once Upon a time..." with Verarita session will be on 31/03/2018. At St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy, Kenya.

  • 22
    May '17

    Friends of Moto Hope Event

    September 7, 2017 Sacred Heart Church- Hackensack

    September 14,2017 Immaculate Heart of Mary-Crosslake

    Updates of progress will be shared.

    **Mark your Calendar and hope to see you there.

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